Market Loss Policy

When you buy from Chitown Coin & Company, and once an order confirmation has been issued, the buy price has been locked in for you, and a binding contract has been formed. If you fail to sustain your end of the contract, by being unable to make payment, shipment, or any other action required by you, we may have to cancel your  order. In the event that your sales order is cancelled, due to any action stated above, you will be fully liable to Chitown Coin & Company for any Market Loss, plus a $45 (USD) cancellation fee. You will also be fully liable for any fees associated with Chitown Coin & Company’s efforts to collect from you. Any Market Gain from order cancellations shall remain the property of Chitown Coin & Company. We reserve the right to cancel any sales order, at any time, due to any circumstance. Any and all future orders will be held until the previous Market Loss/Cancellation Fee payments are paid in full to Chitown Coin & Company.