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2 Peso Mexican Gold Coin (Random Year, BU)


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The 2 Peso Mexican Gold Coin was produced by the Mexico City Mint during the early 1900s and contains .0482 troy ounces of pure gold. Each coin has a face value of 2 Pesos and contains 90% pure gold. These coins are available in BU condition and are from the years of our choice based on our inventory at the time you place your order.

With a legally tender face value of 2 Pesos, this Mexican Gold Coin is the smallest denomination of the Banco De Mexico’s exclusive coin series. It was minted for 29 years between 1919 and 1948 and measures .53 mm in width by 12.85 mm in diameter. Still, in spite of its diminutive size, the 2 Peso Mexican Gold Coin possesses an impressive composition, having been struck from .0482 troy oz of 90% pure gold. Such pieces are best suited for those wishing to make more modest investments and storing their precious metals at home.

The obverse of the 2 Peso Gold Coin is embossed with an artistic rendition of the Mexican Coat of Arms. This striking image depicts a Golden Eagle holding its stance upon a prickly pear cactus as it wrestles a serpent into submission with its powerful beak and talons. From the texture of its feathers to the breadth of its wingspan, artists have taken great care to provide a detailed rendering of Mexico’s national Bird. Equally worth noting is the dynamic quality of the image. Details such as the contortions of the snakes writhing body and the angled positioning of the eagle’s neck help evoke a sense of movement in the image, making it seem as though viewers have caught these fierce predators in the midst of battle. Proudly serving as an arched heading above the image is the title, “Estados Unidos Mexicanos.”

The reverse side of the coin depicts an open harvest wreath in reference to Mexico’s thriving agricultural industry. Printed in the center of the wreath is the coin’s denomination of “Dos Pesos” in the native Spanish. Also inscribed at the top of the coin is its year of issuance for classification purposes.