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2021 Niue 1 oz Silver $2 Star Wars: Mandalorian Beskar Bar


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This officially licensed STAR WARS™ – Mandalorian™ bullion coin was struck from one ounce of 99.9% silver in uncirculated quality and replicates an ingot of Mandalorian iron Beskar. The bullion coin features the characteristic wave shape that Beskar ingots are stamped with, and also includes the logo of the Galactic Empire. The reverse features the Niue coat of arms as well as the denomination, year of issue, weight, fineness and official copyright. Beskar is an extremely strong alloy that was used in Mandalorian armor and was characterized by a high tolerance to damage of various kinds. Thus, the metal was durable enough to withstand a direct blaster shot and repel lightsaber strikes. It is not without reason that Beskar is one of the most valuable metals in the entire galaxy. The Mandalorians have an almost religious relationship with Beskar and are convinced that it belongs exclusively in the hands of their people. With this highlight for fans of the STAR WARS™ – Mandalorian™ series, collectors and investors now have the opportunity to bring the legendary bar into their possession.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Mintage of only 50,000
  • Coin comes in protective packaging. Multiples of 25 may come in plastic tubes.
  • Obverse: Displays the Niue coat of arms along with the face value, the year of issue, weight, purity and official copyright of Lucasfilm for further authentication.
  • Reverse: Features the officially licensed rippled surface and Galactic Imperial stamp of a Beskar ingot as seen in The Mandalorian series on Disney Plus.
  • Issued by the sovereign government of Niue in cooperation with the New Zealand Mint.

Mandalorian Beskar Ingot
The legendary Beskar alloy, known also as Mandalorian iron, is highly prized throughout the galaxy for its extreme strength and durability. Developed on Mandalore for its warriors as a powerful armor, it can withstand blasters and even resist a lightsaber’s strike. In addition to its extraordinary resilience, Beskar is able to be shaped according to a warrior’s desires and so proves quite versatile. In ingot form, this precious metal is melted down into bars featuring a wavy surface that is then stamped with the Galactic Imperial Crest for authentication. So valuable and versatile is Beskar that in ingot-form they are used as a convenient store of value or means of exchange. Mandalorians have an almost religious connection to Beskar and believe it belongs only in the hands of their people. Now you can get your hands on it in true precious metal Silver form that will hold its value as both Silver and as a unique collectible item.