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An official United States Mint Silver Eagle Tube will make the perfect storage companion for your American Silver Eagle Coins. Capable of holding up to 20 coins, this tube provides an easy way to protect your valuable coins from external harm.


Moreover, the air gradually tarnishes silver. Even though this doesn’t affect the value of the silver content, the coin does lose its luster and brilliant finish. These official mint tubes are designed to safely hold American Silver Eagles for a substantially longer time, without any harm.


A distinctive green lid secures this tube, while the tube itself is white. The cap features a logo depicting a weighing balance and a key. The words ‘Treasury’ and ‘United States Mint’ surround the aforementioned logo, rounding off the lid design with unparalleled elegance.


In addition to safety, these mint tubes allow easy storage and transportation. Loose coins are much harder to manage than stacks of 20 coins in these tubes. So, grab an American Silver Eagle Mint tube today and stack your precious coins neatly, while protecting your valuable ASE collection at the same time.